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Providing a full line of proprietary seeds for all your turf, forage, cover crop, wildlife, and pollinator needs, our research can also custom select or finish varieties to your specifications.

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Research & Development

OreGro's Research uses proven technology and equipment to perform the various functions needed on our research farm. We use cooperative research with universities and commercial seed companies and do not hesitate to explore all resources to provide the different varieties to the market.
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  • Image of Diamond T

    Diamond T

    Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

    Diamond T tetraploid annual ryegrass was developed by Oregro Seeds to provide a high quality, high yielding variety with world-wide adaptability. Currently used on five...
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  • Image of Rockin' R

    Rockin' R

    Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

    One of the parents of Diamond T, Rockin' R has excellent regrowth ability giving consistent yields through the growth season. High Yields Fast Establishment
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  • Image of Blackhawk


    Arrowleaf Clover

    Blackhawk arrowleaf clover was developed by Dr.G. R. Smith with Texas A&M Agrilife Research in Overton, Texas. Advanced dark seeded selections from Yucchi, Amclo and...
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  • Image of Flying A

    Flying A

    Annual Ryegrass

    Flying A was developed from specially selected genetics that are widely adapted to various soil and climatic conditions. With the stockman in mind, Flying A was bred for...
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  • Image of Ringer


    Perennial Ryegrass

    Ringer turf type perennial ryegrass was developed in Oregon as a polycross of five top performing clones. Tested in New Jersey, Maryland and Oregon, Ringer has exhibited...
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  • Image of Continental II

    Continental II

    Perennial Ryegrass

    Continental II turf type perennial ryegrass was developed in Oregon. Continental II has exhibited excellent turf quality in a variety of management schemes. Very dark green...
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  • Image of Pinstripe II

    Pinstripe II

    Perennial Ryegrass

    Pinstripe II is an advanced generation synthetic cultivar selected for dark green color, fine leaf texture, and excellent striping ability. Pinstripe II is perfect for golf...
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  • Image of Palomar


    Turf Type Tall Fescue

    BenefitsExcellent seedling Vigor Fast establishment Good persistence Dark green color Excellent drought tolerance Good brown patch, red thread...
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