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Image of Blackhawk


Arrowleaf Clover

Blackhawk arrowleaf clover was developed by Dr. G. R. Smith with Texas A&M Agrilife Research in Overton, Texas. Advanced dark seeded selections from Yucchi, Amclo, and...
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Image of Boost


Intermediate tetraploid ryegrass

Boost intermediate tetraploid ryegrass is an exciting new variety developed by OreGro research for producing high yields of highly nutritious, palatable forage. Whether...
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Image of Brea (Breanna)

Brea (Breanna)

Perennial Ryegrass

Brea perennial ryegrass was developed by OreGro Research. An advanced generation synthetic cultivar, Brea was selected for dark green color, excellent turf density, and...
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Image of Chancellor


Chewings Fescue

Chancellor chewings fescue is an improved variety developed by OreGro research. Exhibiting excellent texture and density, Chancellor is an excellent choice for lawns,...
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Image of Companion


White Clover

Companion ladino white clover was developed by OreGro research. Selected from an extensive collection gathered in late summer from pastures and fields in the Willamette...
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Image of Dall


Sheeps Fescue

Living on high, rocky slopes, with bitter cold and snow in the winter and the intense arctic sun in the summer, the Dall sheep survives and thrives in the harshest...
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Image of Desert Star®

Desert Star®

Perennial Ryegrass

A new star has risen among the varieties and blends for the golf course market: Desert Star®. Top- ranked varieties are blended to your quality specifications to satisfy...
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Image of DH-3


Annual Ryegrass

DH-3 diploid annual ryegrass is the result of a polycross between Marshall, Ribeye, and TAM90 annual ryegrasses. DH-3 combines the quick establishment and forage yield of...
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Image of Diamond T

Diamond T

Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Diamond T tetraploid annual ryegrass was developed by OreGro research to provide a high quality, high yielding variety with world-wide adaptability. Currently used on five...
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Image of Double Diamond

Double Diamond

Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Double Diamond tetraploid annual ryegrass is a cross between TAMTBO and Master annual ryegrass. Mature plant height and flag leaf width are incredible. In a private trial...
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Image of Drought Buster®

Drought Buster®

Tall Fescue

Drought Buster® is a blend of three turf-type tall fescue varieties with each variety bringing positive attributes to the blend, such as better heat tolerance, disease...
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