Image of Blackhawk


Common Name
Arrowleaf Clover
Trifolium vesiculosum

Blackhawk arrowleaf clover was developed by Dr.G. R. Smith with Texas A&M Agrilife Research in Overton, Texas. Advanced dark seeded selections from Yucchi, Amclo and Meechee were subjected to six cycles of selection for tolerance to Pythium ultimum and bean yellow mosaic virus. Dark seed coats have been associated with resistance to Pythium and other soil-borne pathogen. Blackhawk seed is 95% black with a slight variation in color degree and is highly tolerant of Pythium ultimum. Blackhawk is also resistant to BYMV- induced lethal wilt, and shows tolerance to other components of BYMV. Blackhawk is slightly earlier in maturity, but carries its high forage production through multiple grazings. 


  • Blackhawk should be planted in the early fall at a 5-9 lb/ acre rate, no more than 1/2 inch deep. Because Blackhawk can have up to 95% hard seed, the seed must be scarified to facilitate germination.

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