Image of Brea (Breanna)

Brea (Breanna)

Common Name
Perennial Ryegrass
Lolium perenne

Brea perennial ryegrass was developed by OreGro Research. An advanced generation synthetic cultivar, Brea was selected for dark green color, excellent turf density, and enhanced disease resistance. Whether used for home lawns, sports fields, or golf courses, Brea transitions well in the spring, and competes well with weeds.  

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  • Turf:
    Athletic Fields, playgrounds: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Fairways, roughs: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Parks, home lawns: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft
    Low maintenance: 3-5 lb per 1,000 sqft

    Winter Overseeding 
    Greens:  30-40 lb per acre 
    Tees: 20-30 lb per acre 
    Fairways: 300-600 lb per acre
    Roughs: 250-500 lb per acre
    Sports fields, playgrounds:  10-15 lb per 1,000 sqft

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