Image of Continental II

Continental II

Common Name
Perennial Ryegrass
Lolium perenne

Continental II turf type perennial ryegrass was developed in Oregon. Continental II has exhibited excellent turf quality in a variety of management schemes. Very dark green and fine leaved, Continental II has excellent turf density and mowing quality. As pure stand, or mixed with Kentucky bluegrass or fine fescue, Continental II is an excellent performer. 


  • Rich, deep green color 
  • Excellent turf density 
  • Enhanced disease resistance 
  • Withstands traffic 
  • Fine leaf texture 
  • Fast establishment 
  • Tolerance to low mowing 
  • Excellent movability 
  • Good salt tolerance 


  • Seeding Rates 


    Athletic Fields, playgrounds: 8-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Fairways, roughs: 8-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Parks, home lawns: 8-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Low maintenance: 3-5 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Winter Overseeding 

    Greens:  30-40 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Tees: 20-30 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Fairways: 300-600 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Roughs: 250-500 lbs./1000 sq. ft. 

    Sports fields, playgrounds: 10-15 lbs./1000 sq. ft.    

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