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Image of Icicle


Winter Peas

Icicle winter peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, is a standard leaf, white flowered pea used for cover crop, livestock and wildlife. With characteristics...
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Image of Phacellia



Phacelia, with its beautiful blue flowers, is an excellent pollinator crop to attract bees and other pollinators to your farm. Blooming from May through September, Phacelia...
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Image of Purple Top

Purple Top


Purple top turnip is an old variety of the Brassica genus that has been used for both human consumption and livestock forage for centuries. Deep rooted, aggressive growth,...
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Image of Secada


Spring Peas

An exciting new variety of forage peas has hit the U.S. Leafy, highly palatable, self-climbing, with high dry matter yields, Secada peas can be used in a wide range of...
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Image of Villana


Hairy Vetch

Villana Hairy Vetch was bred and developed in Europe as a multipurpose legume that is used for cover crop, livestock forage, and as a nitrogen fixing green manure crop. It...
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Image of Whistler


Winter Peas

Whistler winter peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, is a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter hardly down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit,...
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Image of White Cloud

White Cloud

Crimson Clover

White Cloud is the only white flowered crimson clover cultivar in the US, if not the world. Developed over several years by Matt Herb, White Cloud is unique not only for...
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Annual Ryegrass

Winterhawk was developed by Dr. Gordon Prine of the University of Florida. Subjected to many cycles of selection for winter hardiness and frost tolerance in Nebraska,...
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