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Desert Star®

Common Name
Perennial Ryegrass

A new star has risen among the varieties and blends for the golf course market: Desert Star®. Top- ranked varieties are blended to your quality specifications to satisfy your fall overseeding needs. Desert Star® is fast establishing, and will handle those fall weather woes of hot or too cold. In recent trials, Desert Star® has scored among the top performers for turf quality. Desert Star® shines from tee box to green to club house. On-site trials are conducted on an annual basis to make sure Desert Star® continues to be a real winner. Desert Star's® superior density provides excellent mow-ability in a finer and less grainy surface that increases ball roll on the fairways and greens that are easier to read. 


  • Good transition 
  • Excellent Seedling Vigor 
  • Fast Establishment 
  • Vigorous Growth 
  • Less Mowing & Watering 
  • Less Fertilizer Needed 
  • Improved Disease Resistance   


  • Plant this seed in parks, schools, sports fields, golf courses and cemeteries. 

    Seeding Rate: 

    Turf: 10-12 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. 

    Overseeding Turf: 6-9 pounds per. 1000 sq ft.   

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