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Common Name
Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum

DH-3 diploid annual ryegrass is the result of a polycross between Marshall, Ribeye, and TAM90 annual ryegrasses. DH-3 combines the quick establishment and forage yield of Ribeye, the crown rust resistance of TAM90, and the frost tolerance and consistent yield of Marshall. Tested throughout the South, DH-3 annual ryegrass is proving to be a real contender among new forage annual ryegrasses. DH-3 exhibits high forage yield, excellent seedling vigor, and early maturity, allowing consistency in forage yield throughout the season with good transition back into warm-season forage grasses.   

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  • Annual ryegrass can be planted almost year around. As long as nighttime temperatures are above 40 degrees and daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees, adequate germination and growth can be accomplished. Fall ... South: September through March, depending on location. Fall ... North: August through October. Spring: As soon as the temperatures are adequate. Can be frost seeded. If overseeding warm-season pastures, mow or graze warm-season grasses short before planting annual ryegrass to aid in establishment.


  • Tifton, GA

    2 yr. ave. 2013-14

    DH-3 5668
    Jackson 5629
    Marshall 5453
    Passerel Plus 5116
    Fria 5114
  • Newton, MS


    DH-3 7956
    Marshall 7627
    Fria 7498
    Lonestar 7441
    Jackson 6700
  • Crossville, AL

    3 yr. ave. 2012-14

    DH-3 4946
    Bulldog Graze 3424
    Nelson 4302
    Jackson 4323
    Fria 4736
  • Greeneville, TN


    DH-3 3.47
    Maximus 3.30
    Grazer 3.30
    Marshall 3.30
    Hercules 3.17

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