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Diamond T

Common Name
Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum

Diamond T tetraploid annual ryegrass was developed by OreGro research to provide a high quality, high yielding variety with world-wide adaptability. Currently used on five continents, Diamond T has proven to be an excellent short-term annual that provides forage for increased meat and milk production. High palatability with high animal intake yields more profits per acre for the livestock producer. Whether for pasture, hay, or silage, Diamond T is a proven winner that will be an asset in your forage program.  


  • Annual ryegrass can be planted almost year around, as long as nighttime temperatures are above 40 degrees and daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees, adequate germination and growth can be accomplished.

    Fall, South

    September through March, depending on location.

    Fall, North

    August through October.


    As soon as the temperatures are adequate. Can be frost seeded. If overseeding warm-season pastures, mow or graze warm-season grasses short before planting annual ryegrass to aid in establishment.


  • Calhoun, GA

    2 yr. ave. 2010-12

    Diamond T 13,701
    Big Boss 13,389
    Prine 13,249
    Nelson 12,702
    Attain 12,513
  • Headland, AL

    3 yr. ave. 2008-10

    Diamond T 13,736
    Prine 13,635
    Jumbo 13,262
    Marshall 13,026
    Passerel Plus 12,309
  • Overton, TX

    3 yr. ave. 2010-12

    Diamond T 8230
    Tetrapro 7631
    Nelson 7607
    Prine 7391
    Jumbo 6893
  • Marianna, FL

    2 yr. ave. 2011-13

    Diamond T 11,929
    Bulldog Grazer 9,936
    Nelson 11,221
    Marshall 10,974
    Fria 10,772

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