Image of Double Diamond

Double Diamond

Common Name
Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum

Double Diamond tetraploid annual ryegrass is a cross between TAMTBO and Master annual ryegrass. Mature plant height and flag leaf width are incredible. In a private trial in Alabama, the trial managers mentioned that Double Diamond had the widest leaves of any annual ryegrass variety they had seen. Exhibiting high forage yields, very fast establish-ment, excellent leaf to stem ratio, and high forage quality, Double Diamond is an excellent choice for your forage needs.  


  • Annual ryegrass can be planted almost year around. As long as nighttime temperatures are above 40 degrees and daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees, adequate germination and growth can be accomplished. Fall ... South: September through March, depending on location. Fall ... North: August through October. Spring: As soon as the temperatures are adequate. Can be frost seeded. If overseeding warm-season pastures, mow or graze warm-season grasses short before planting annual ryegrass to aid in establishment.


  • Overton, TX


    Double Diamond 9337
    Marshall 8595
    Big Boss 8280
    Attain 7961
    Jumbo 8118
  • Louisiana Statewide


    Double Diamond 12,173
    EarlyPloid 12,111
    Tetrastar 12,026
    Attain 11,693
  • Overton, TX

    3 yr. ave. 2012-15

    Double Diamond 7144
    Big Boss 7124
    Tetrastar 6777
    Prine 7033
    Gulf 6515
  • Headland, AL


    Double Diamond 7102
    Nelson 6994
    Prine 6920
    Big Boss 6890
    Jackson 6700

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