Image of Granite


Common Name
Hard Fescue
Festuca ovina duriuscula

Granite hard fescue is an improved variety developed by OreGro research for a turf that tolerates low mowing, and low maintenance. Drought soils, summer heat, winter cold and low fertility shade, are not obstacles to Granite's ability to perform. In combination with chewings and sheep's fescue, Granite hard fescue makes an excellent low/no maintenance turf for home lawns, roadsides, slopes, and vineyards. In mixtures with perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, Granite provides excellent performance in shade and high quality lawns.   


  • Lawns, parks:6-8 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Sports fields: 6-8 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Roadsides: 150-250 lb per acre 

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