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Forage Cover Crops


Common Name
Winter Peas

Flexible enough for forage, bio-cover crop, and wildlife markets.

Key Attributes:

  • Exceptional forage growth
  • White flowered for better palatability and digestibility
  • More seeds per pound purchased
  • Very strong stooling capability
  • Late flowering to match up with cereals better
  • Normal leaf pea
  • As good or better winter durability as any other winter pea


  • Icicle has several unique characteristics that make it the best winter forage pea.

    • As good or better winter hardiness
    • White flowered for better palatability and digestibility 
    • Smaller seed size but with good seedling viability - more seeds and plants for every pound you buy
    • Maturity matches well with winter triticale and other winter forages
    • High forage production


  • Data from replicated trials 2007 - 2010

    Seed Size lb / Flower Color
    Icicle 4,210 lbs / White
    Nutrigreen 2,679 lbs / White
    Austrian Winter Pea (AWP) 3,907 lbs / Purple

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