Image of Intimidator oats

Intimidator oats

Common Name
Spring Oats
Avena sativa
Green Crop

Intimidator spring forage oats is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat developed in collaboration with Dr. Fred Ledeboer and OreGro research. Whether used as hay cut in the boot stage, green chop, silage, or pasture, Intimidator oats are highly palatable, with livestock preferring them over several other oat varieties commonly used today. Intimidator oats work well by themselves, or in a combination with spring peas, such as OreGro's Secada peas. By including peas or vetch, and cutting at the proper maturity, the resulting forage will have a maximum relative feed value, with high protein and total digestible nutrient levels.  


  • Monoculture:80-125 lb per acre
    Mix with ryegrass: 40-60 lb per acre 
    Mix with peas/vetch: 60-100 lb per acre 

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