Image of Pinstripe II

Pinstripe II

Common Name
Perennial Ryegrass
Lolium perenne

Pinstripe II perennial ryegrass was developed by Oregro Research for overseeding in the southern half of the United States. Exhibiting dark green color, fine leaf texture, and excellent striping ability, Pinstripe II is an exceptional choice for overseeding golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns.


  • TURF 
    Athletic fields, playgrounds: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Fairways, roughs: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Parks, home lawns: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Low maintenance: 3-5 lb per 1,000 sqft

    Greens: 30-40 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Tees: 20-30 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Fairways: 300-600 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Roughs: 250-500 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Athletic fields, playgrounds: 10-15 lb per 1,000 sqft

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