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Ringer II

Common Name
Perennial Ryegrass

Ringer II perennial ryegrass was developed by OreGro Research as a polycross of top performing cultivars and selections from old turfs under severe winter and summer stresses. With enhanced disease resistance for red thread, gray leaf spot and anthracnose, Ringer II is quick to establish and is an excellent option as a pure stand, or in mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass or fine fescues.

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  • TURF 
    Athletic fields, playgrounds: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Fairways, roughs: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Parks, home lawns: 8-10 lb per 1,000 sqft 
    Low maintenance: 3-5 lb per 1,000 sqft 

    Greens: 30-40 lb per acre 
    Tees: 20-30 lb per acre 
    Fairways: 300-600 lb per acre 
    Roughs: 250-500 lb per acre 
    Athletic fields, playgrounds: 10-15 lb per 1,000 sqft

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