Image of Rustler


Common Name
Red Clover
Trifolium pratense

Rustler red clover is a medium, multi-cut, diploid red clover developed to withstand the extremes of the hot, humid summers in the south up to the cold, snowy winters of the north. Coming from plants collected in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana, Rustler has shown enhanced resistance to many diseases common to clover in the south. As persistent as other red clover throughout its range, Rustler is an excellent performer is monoculture stands, or in mixtures with both warm and cool season grasses for pasture, silage and hay. Rustler is finer stemmed, with an excellent leaf to steam ratio...making doe highly palatable forage with desirable protein and digestibility levels. Higher palatability encourages higher animal intake, resulting in greater milk and meat yields and higher profitability. 


  • Seeding rates for Rustler red clover ranges from a few lbs. per acre as part of a mixture, up to 20 lbs. per acre in a monoculture. Seed/soil contact is important for success in germination and establishment, so drilling, or rolling the field after seeding will help provide the contact.

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