Turf Products

Image of Brea (Breanna)

Brea (Breanna)

Perennial Ryegrass

Brea is an advanced generation synthetic cultivar selected for dark green color, fine leaf texture, greater turf density, enhanced disease resistance, and better wear...
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Image of Continental II

Continental II

Perennial Ryegrass

Continental II turf type perennial ryegrass was developed in Oregon. Continental II has exhibited excellent turf quality in a variety of management schemes. Very dark green...
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Image of Dall


Sheeps Fescue

Living on high, rocky slopes, with bitter cold and snow in the winter and the intense arctic sun in the summer, the Dall sheep's fescue, like its namesake, can perform...
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Image of Desert Star®

Desert Star®

Perennial Ryegrass

A new star has risen among the varieties and blends for the golf course market: Desert Star®. Top- ranked varieties are blended to your quality specifications to satisfy...
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Image of Drought Buster®

Drought Buster®

Tall Fescue

Drought Buster® is a blend of three turf-type tall fescue varieties with each variety bringing positive attributes to the blend, such as better heat tolerance, disease...
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Image of Escalade


Turf Type Tall Fescue

Escalade is an improved variety developed jointly by Oregro Research and Rutgers University. Fine- Leaved, dense, dark green, with excellent brown patch resistance and...
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Image of Granite


Hard Fescue

Granite hard fescue excels. Droughty soils, summer heat, winter cold, low fertility, shade, and low maintenance are not obstacles to Granite's ability to perform. Granite...
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Image of Greenlinks


Turf Type Annual ryegrass

Greenlinks Turf Type Annual Ryegrass is an excellent choice for special areas that need a fast transition from cool- season to warm- season turf in the spring. Greenlinks...
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Image of League Master®

League Master®


League Master® mixes can be customized according to your needs to fit certain regions. Please contact our office for more information.BenefitsExcellent Seedling...
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Image of NuSprint


Turf Type Annual Ryegrass

NuSprint turf type annual ryegrass was developed with three goals in mind. First, annual ryegrass is one of the most commonly used species for turf, but it needed work in...
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Image of Palomar


Turf Type Tall Fescue

BenefitsExcellent seedling Vigor Fast establishment Good persistence Dark green color Excellent drought tolerance Good brown patch, red thread...
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