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Forage Oats

Shooter oats in the new kid on the block for spring oats. Its fast growth, high dry matter yields and excellent palatability makes this a highly desirable oat for all your...
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Annual Ryegrass

Sungrazer® is a branded program featuring excellent genetics in a consumer recognized bag. Selected Ranked Varieties High Forage Yields Fast...
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Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

TAMTBO was developed in collaboration with OreGro Research and Dr. Lloyd Nelson of Texas A&M. Selected for superior forage yield, crown rust resistance and frost...
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Image of Triangle T

Triangle T

Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Triangle T tetraploid annual ryegrass is the result of crossing TAMTBO and Prine ryegrasses with a selection taken from a VNS production field in Oregon. Excellent seedling...
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Image of Tucker



Tucker orchardgrass was developed by OreGro Research from a five clone polycross from several top performing varieties. Exhibiting early to medium maturity, Tucker is an...
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Image of Villana


Hairy Vetch

Villana Hairy Vetch was bred and developed in Europe as a multipurpose legume that is used for cover crop, livestock forage, and as a nitrogen fixing green manure crop. It...
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Image of Whistler


Winter Peas

Whistler winter peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, is a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter hardly down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit,...
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Image of White Cloud

White Cloud

Crimson Clover

White Cloud is the only white flowered crimson clover cultivar in the US, if not the world. Developed over several years by Matt Herb, White Cloud is unique not only for...
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Image of Winterhawk


Annual Ryegrass

Winterhawk was developed in collaboration with OreGro Research and Dr. Gordon Prine of University of Florida. Selected during several cold winters in Nebraska, Winterhawk...
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