Testing and Trials

OreGro Research uses seed yield, forage yield, and turf trials to measure progress gained in breeding and selecting superior proprietary varieties to satisfy the market needs. Preliminary trials are used for selecting superior genetics to include in the different breeding schemes. Once the final selections are made and breeder seed is produced, then samples of those finished varieties are sent for performance trials in the market areas or areas of intended adaptability.

Trials are also conducted for disease pressure and morphological measurements to satisfy official registration and Plant Variety Protection requirements. With two locations in the Willamette Valley with different soils and management schemes, we can determine suitability for production under most situations available in our production areas.

OreGro Research also takes advantage of public and private seed laboratories to determine such factors as ploidy, fluorescence, and endophyte levels. This is used to determine and maintain genetic purity throughout the breeding, selection, and multiplication processes.

Variety Development

OreGro research and development department currently has approximately twenty varieties in development or in trial and/or seedstock production.


Varieties Developed By Oregro Research