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Common Name
Intermediate tetraploid ryegrass
Lolium hybridum

Boost perennial type tetraploid ryegrass is an exciting new variety developed for producing huge yields of highly nutritious, palatable forage. Whether used in pasture or hayfields, Boost will give the livestock producer the quality and quality of forage to promote healthy reproduction, milk production and higher weaning weights. Excellent regrowth characteristics allow a characteristics allow a consistent forage yield throughout the grazing season. Palatable and highly digestible, Boost can satisfy the energy and fiber requirements of livestock of all ages. Boost is as persistent as many diploid perennial ryegrasses. 


  • Boost can be no-tilled or broadcast over existing pastures in the fall or early spring. It is best to graze or mow pasture short, then overseed 10-20 pounds of seed per acre. Pulling a drag or harrow will help the seed filter through the existing vegetation to reach the soil. New pastures: In a prepared seedbed, drill no more than 1/2 inch deep, or broadcast and harrow, 20-30 pounds per seed acre. Roll to provide good seed/soil contact.

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