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Common Name
Chewings Fescue
Festuca rubra commatata

Chancellor chewings fescue is an excellent choice for lawns, parks, golf courses, sports fields or any place that a fine texture, dense, and dark green turf is desired. Used in a monostand, or mixed with perennial ryegrass and kentucky bluegrass, Chancellor exhibits great turf quality under less than ideal conditions, such as drought and shade. Mixed with hard fescue or sheep's fescue, Chancellor chewings is very useful for those areas receiving less maintenance. Slopes, roadsides, heavy golf roughs, and other low maintenance applications will benefit from mixture that includes Chancellor chewings. 


  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Dark green color
  • Low growing fine textured
  • Excellent turf density
  • Quick establishment and cover


  • Seeding Rates 

    Home lawns: 8-10 lbs./ 1000 sq. ft. 

    Parks, roughs, roadsides, slopes: 250 lbs./ acre  

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