Image of Companion


Common Name
White Clover
Trifolium repens

Companion ladino white clover was selected from an extensive collection gathered in late summer from pastures and fields in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Only those plants showing a high degree of drought tolerance, plant vigor, and seed yield were included in this variety. In trials, Companion has been among the top performers for dry matter yields, as well as persistence. Seedling vigor is excellent, with fast establishment and many vigorous stolons. 


  • Seeding rates Companion 3-4 lbs./ acre with other grasses, cereals, and other legumes 2-3 lbs. /acre. Sow no deeper than 1/4 inch, either by drilling or broadcasting and harrowing. Roll to ensure seed/soil contact. For fall sowing, September through early November. For spring sowing, March through May. Sowing success will depend on the weather conditions and geographical location. Ideal soil temperatures range from 55 to 70 degrees. 

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