Forage Products

Image of Icicle


Winter Peas

Flexible enough for forage, bio-cover crop, and wildlife markets.Key Attributes:Exceptional forage growthWhite flowered for better palatability and digestibilityMore seeds...
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Image of Intimidator oats

Intimidator oats

Spring Oats

Intimidator spring forage oat is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat that produces huge yields of sweet forage. Whether used as hay cut in the boot stage, green chop, silage,...
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Image of Kentucky 32

Kentucky 32

Tall Fescue

Kentucky 32 is the "New Choice" in tall fescue for forage. Starting with a base of Kentucky 31 maternal plants, these were top crossed with three superior tall...
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Image of ORE-TET®


Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

ORE-TET® is a branded program that includes a consistent set of genetics that yields superior performance in the field, Economical, with known characteristics, consistency,...
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Image of Prime Cut®

Prime Cut®

Annual Ryegrass

Prime Cut® annual ryegrass is a brand name program that allows our customers to select the most adapted, highest performance, and most economical varieties in a...
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Image of Rampart


White Clover

Rampart Ladino white clover is the result of a cross between several selections of plants collected in Oregon. Plants selected showed a high tolerance to heat and drought,...
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Image of Rockin' R

Rockin' R

Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

One of the parents of Diamond T, Rockin' R has excellent regrowth ability giving consistent yields through the growth season. High Yields Fast Establishment
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Image of Rustler


Red Clover

Rustler red clover is a medium, multi-cut, diploid red clover developed to withstand the extremes of the hot, humid summers in the south up to the cold, snowy winters of...
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Image of Secada


Spring Peas

An exciting new variety of forage peas has hit the U.S. Leafy, highly palatable, self-climbing, with high dry matter yields, Secada peas can be used in a wide range of...
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Image of Shooter


Forage Oats

Shooter oats in the new kid on the block for spring oats. Its fast growth, high dry matter yields and excellent palatability makes this a highly desirable oat for all your...
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Image of Sungrazer®


Annual Ryegrass

Sungrazer® is a branded program featuring excellent genetics in a consumer recognized bag. Selected Ranked Varieties High Forage Yields Fast...
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Image of TAMTBO


Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

TAMTBO was developed by Dr. Lloyd Nelson of Texas A&M. Selected for superior forage yield, crown rust resistance and frost tolerance, TAMTBO is vigorous with consistent...
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