Forage Products

Image of Tucker



What's in a name? Tucker is synonymous with forage for livestock. Developed from a five clone polycross from several top performing varieties, Tucker brings the best...
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Image of WD-40


Annual Ryegrass

Old genetics with decades of selection for high yields in wet conditions.
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Image of Whistler


Winter Peas

Whistler winter peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, is a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter hardly down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit,...
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Image of White Cloud

White Cloud

Crimson Clover

White Cloud crimson clover is the only white flowered Trifolium incarnatum cultivar in the US, if not the world. Found in a crimson clover production field and subjected...
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Image of Winterhawk


Annual Ryegrass

Winterhawk was developed by Dr. Gordon Prine of University of Florida. Selected during several cold winters in Nebraska, Winterhawk is the premier winter hardy annual...
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