Image of Kentucky 32 Forage

Kentucky 32 Forage

Common Name
Tall Fescue

Kentucky 32 tall fescue was developed by OreGro research. Beginning with a base of Kentucky 31 maternal plants, these were crossed with three superior tall fescues, and went through three cycles of selection. Tested around the country for forage applications, Kentucky 32 is unique in that it has the persistence of Kentucky 31 and will perform well as a forage grass in those regions where both summer and winter can be especially tough. Relying on superior genetics for plant strength and vigor, Kentucky 32 and its vigorous growth, out-competes weeds, diseases, and is endophyte free.  

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  • Drill:15-25 lb/acre
    Broadcast: 20-30 lb/acre 
    Overseed: 10-15 lb/acre 

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