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Common Name
Turf Type Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum

NuSprint turf type annual ryegrass was developed with three goals in mind. First, annual ryegrass is one of the most commonly used species for turf, but it needed work in areas such as turf density, finer leaf texture, a dark green color and turf quality. These areas needed to compare above Gulf and other common annuals and be closer to the fine leafed perennial ryegrass. Second, seed yield had to rival common annuals making the cost of seed slightly above the average annual ryegrasses . The seed is still much less expensive than the more deluxe species such as perennial ryegrass, while still offering excellent performance in the turf. Third, for those special areas that needed a fast transition from cool-season turf to warm-season turf in the spring, NuSprint turf type annual ryegrass was developed to provide a cost effective, high quality turf, without the problems of establishment and transition that commonly plague perennial ryegrass. NuSprint makes an excellent component in turf seed mixture that includes perennial ryegrasses, fine fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. 


  • Excellent Seedling Vigor 
  • Fast Establishment 
  • Vigorous Growth 
  • Less Mowing & Watering 
  • Less Fertilizer Needed 
  • Improved Disease Resistance  


  • Plant this seed in parks, schools, sports fields golf courses and cemeteries. 

    Seeding Rate

    Turf: 8-10 pounds per 1000 sq ft 

     Overseeding Turf: 6-8 pounds per 1000 sq ft.   

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