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Common Name
Tall Fescue
Festuca arundinacea

Paraiso: Spanish for paradise Paraiso: Visions of an oasis, with warm summer breezes flowing across lush, dark green turf. Paraiso: Relaxing in the shade on a luxurious lawn, watching children play in the sun, and being proud of the paradise that you have created. And what grass did you plant in your paradise? That's Paraiso turf type tall fescue! Paraiso has an excellent seedling vigor, allowing for quick establishment. Fast establishment correlates to better competition against weeds, and better tolerance to unfavorable weather during that all- important first few weeks. Paraiso also has excellent spring greenup capabilities. Paraiso performs well in cold northern states with hot summers. Paraiso performs equally well in the southern and transitional zones with excellent drought tolerance. Paraiso has good resistance to brown patch, red thread, pythium blight, and microdochium patch diseases. Paraiso also performs very well under dense shade conditions. Paraiso is aggressive and very persistent. Paraiso was bred to outlast most other turf type tall fescue. Paraiso has a dark green color, with good turf density. Paraiso is an excellent choice for home lawns, parks, sports fields, and sod farms. By itself or in a bland, Paraiso will provide a high quality turf with a minimum of inputs. 


  • Excellent seedling Vigor 
  • Fast establishment 
  • Good persistence 
  • Dark green color 
  • Excellent drought tolerance 
  • Good brown patch red thread resistance 
  • Good pythium and microdochium patch resistance 
  • Excellent Spring greenup 
  • Excellent for shade  


  • Plant this grass seed on front & back lawns, parks, playgrounds and sports fields 

    Seeding Rate 

    Turf: 10-12 pounds per 1000 sq. ft 

    Overseeding Turf: 6-8 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.   

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