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Prime Cut®

Common Name
Annual Ryegrass
Lolium multiflorum

Prime Cut® annual ryegrass is a brand name program that allows our customers to select the most adapted, highest performance, and most economical varieties in a consistently named product. Consumers will relate to this program and will ask for it by name, knowing that what is in the bag will be a superior performer in the field. As improved varieties are available, the ingredients in this program can be changed to reflect the higher quality product, without changing the familiarity. Prime Cut® will always exhibit... 

  • Excellent Forage Yields 
  • Fast Germination 
  • Fast Establishment 
  • Great Palatability 
  • High Grazing Tolerance 
  • Good Disease Resistance 


  • Annual ryegrass can be planted almost year around. As long as nighttime temperatures are above 40 degrees and daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees, adequate germination and growth can be accomplished. Fall ... South: September through March, depending on location. Fall ... North: August through October. Spring: As soon as the temperatures are adequate. Can be frost seeded. If overseeding warm-season pastures, mow or graze warm-season grasses short before planting annual ryegrass to aid in establishment.

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