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Forage Cover Crops


Common Name
Spring Peas

An exciting new variety of forage peas has hit the U.S. Leafy, highly palatable, self-climbing, with high dry matter yields, Secada peas can be used in a wide range of applications. A fast growing, cool-season annual legume, Secada peas perform very well during the fall, winter, and spring in the southern states, with good frost tolerance. In northern climates, an early spring plant will give high dry matter yields of excellent forage. 


  • Secada peas, mixed with cereals, makes excellent silage. A study comparing Pea/Wheat silage with grass silage showed a 34% increase in forage dry matter intake, resulting in a 19% increase in milk production. Silage is normally cut at the late pod-swell stage for highest yields with the greatest nutrient concentration. 

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