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Cover Crops


Common Name
Hairy Vetch

Villana Hairy Vetch was bred and developed in Europe as a multipurpose legume that is used for cover crop, livestock forage, and as a nitrogen fixing green manure crop. It is unique when compared to other Hairy vetches (Vicia Villosa) in that it has a lower hard seed count, so there is less adventitious seed left in the ground after use.

Villana Hairy Vetch is excellent for cover crop systems throughout the US, especially where winter conditions can be a factor. Villana is also excellent for fixing nitrogen in crop rotations, providing high yields of palatable forage for livestock, and excels in mixtures with other legumes, cereals, grasses, and forbs.  


  • Villana is genetically a true hairy vetch, unlike many other vetches that are currently being marketed worldwide. It displays all those characteristics that Hairy Vetch is know for... plus:

    • Excellent establishment rate
    • Superior winter tolerance
    • Excellent nitrogen fixation
    • Provides quick cover
    • Low or no hard seed count
    • High seed count
    • Easy incorporation and burndown

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