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Cover Crops

White Cloud

Common Name
Crimson Clover

White Cloud is the only white flowered crimson clover cultivar in the US, if not the world. Developed over several years by Matt Herb, White Cloud is unique not only for white flowers, but white seeds also. White Cloud is adapted to any region where crimson clover is used for cover crops, whether spring or fall sown. Its high dry matter yield and the ability of annual clovers to fix nitrogen makes White Cloud a great choice for cover crop or rotation/green manure applications. 


  • High Dry Matter Yields
  • Fixes up to 200 lbs. N per acre
  • Good frost tolerance
  • Fast germination
  • Fast establishment 
  • Low hard seed count 
  • Easy burndown/incorporation
  • Excellent for no-till applications 


  • Drill:            10-15 lbs/acre

    Broadcast:  15-20 lbs/acre

    In Mixes:     5-15 lbs/acre


  • Poplarville, MS 2014-15
    White Cloud 3312
    Common 2934
    GO-KYP 2466
  • Starkville, MS 2014-15
    White Cloud 541
    Common 532
    GO-KYP 513
  • Holly Springs, MS 2013-14
    White Cloud 1353
    GO-URO 1285
    GO-INA 991

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