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White Cloud

Common Name
Crimson Clover

White Cloud crimson clover was developed by OreGro research and is the only white flowered Trifolium incarnatum cultivar in the United States. Found in a crimson clover production field and subjected to six cycles of intense recurrent phenotypic selection, White Cloud is truly unique with white flowers and seeds. With a lack of red coloration, White Cloud contains lower levels of bitter anthocyanins. With improved palatability and high disease resistance, White Cloud is an excellent choice for livestock and wildlife.  

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  • Drill: 5-10 lb per acre
    Broadcast:  5-15 lb per acre
    Overseed: 5-10 lb per acre     


  • Poplarville, MS 2014-15
    White Cloud 3312
    Common 2934
    GO-KYP 2466
  • Starkville, MS 2014-15
    White Cloud 541
    Common 532
    GO-KYP 513
  • Holly Springs, MS 2013-14
    White Cloud 1353
    GO-URO 1285
    GO-INA 991

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