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Image of Dryland Pasture Mix

Dryland Pasture Mix


Deep roots allow for increased heat and drought tolerance. Ladino clover increases palatability, fixes nitrogen and increases protein. BenefitsGood drought...
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Image of Escalade


Turf Type Tall Fescue

Escalade turf type tall fescue is an improved variety developed jointly by OreGro Research and Rutgers University. With qualities such as, exceptional brown patch...
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Image of FasGain


Annual Ryegrass

FasGain is a polycross of Flying A, TAM 90 and Marshall annual ryegrasses. Selected for fast growth, superior forage yields, high numbers of vegetative and reproductive...
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Image of Fast Start Horse Pasture Mix

Fast Start Horse Pasture Mix


With addition of Diamond T, the pasture establishes quicker and is better for slopes and other problem acres. BenefitsEndophyte freeExcellent regrowth Resistant...
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Image of Flying A

Flying A

Annual Ryegrass

Flying A was developed from specially selected genetics that are widely adapted to various soil and climatic conditions. With the stockman in mind, Flying A was bred for...
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Image of Granite


Hard Fescue

Granite hard fescue is an improved variety developed by OreGro research for a turf that tolerates low mowing, and low maintenance. Drought soils, summer heat, winter cold...
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Image of Greenlinks


Turf Type Annual ryegrass

Greenlinks turf type annual ryegrass was developed by OreGro Research for areas that need a fast transition from cool-season to warm-season turf in the spring. Greenlinks...
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Image of Horse Pasture Mix

Horse Pasture Mix


The high fiber and high nutrition in this mix is preferred for horses health and vitality BenefitsEndophyte freeExcellent regrowth Resistant to high traffic 
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Image of Icicle


Winter Peas

Icicle winter peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, is a standard leaf, white flowered pea used for cover crop, livestock and wildlife. With characteristics...
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Image of Intimidator oats

Intimidator oats

Spring Oats

Intimidator spring forage oats is a medium maturing, semi-tree oat developed in collaboration with Dr. Fred Ledeboer and OreGro research. Whether used as hay cut in the...
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Image of Kentucky 32 Forage

Kentucky 32 Forage

Tall Fescue

Kentucky 32 tall fescue was developed by OreGro research. Beginning with a base of Kentucky 31 maternal plants, these were crossed with three superior tall fescues, and...
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